Meet The Makers

Lovely Aggie Kalota!

Aggie Kalota

Zambezi Maker, Mrs Aggie Kalota! Seamstress Queen with a love for all fabrics bright and beautiful, living and working in the Malambo Village on the banks of the Zambezi in Zambia. Aggie is behind many of our products, including pet bandanas and bow ties, clothing, bags, tablesettings... you name it!

Susan Chessy Kalota

Aggie with her daughter, Susan Chessy Kalota, young Queen Zambezi maker of several items in our shop. Susan has made doormats, holiday garlands, festive wreaths, pom poms and many other joys!

Mary & Miriam

Based in Livingstone, Zambia, where they runs a Seamstress business, Mary and Miriam design the most beautiful Chitenge outfits such as dresses, shirts, blazers, shorts, children’s clothes and more! Their workshop is filled with fabulous cheery Chitenges and after working with them at Royal Chundu, we’re happy to now have them on board and part of our Zambezi Joy Society too! Miriam and Mary are crafting our fabulous Chitenge cushion covers, placemats and other delights!

Mabi Sitali

Our long-time friend and Zambezi Maker, Mabi Sitali, is the genius behind the doorbells and Tonga stools for sale on our shop, but Mabi’s carving skills extend to so many exciting and beautiful wares, which he makes at home, in the Malambo Village on the Zambezi, Zambia, or sometimes at Royal Chundu's Workshop!

Mabi was born without the use of his legs as the result of polio, leaving him to use his knees as feet, but these days his wheelchair helps him to get around. He didn’t get to go to school due to his disability, but has found other ways to bring in an income for himself - woodwork is one of those ways. Mabi started making small boats, supplying Royal Chundu, then the wooden mekoro seen here. From there it was doorbells and massage sticks and he continued to create new items - hippos and other animals!

Despite being unable to use his legs, Mabi is also a fisherman. He puts his nets out and the next morning goes to see what he’s caught. Even though it is hard, he forces himself to go into the Zambezi, by mokoro, to fish so that he can buy whatever he needs. We are so grateful to be able to provide another opportunity for Mabi to support himself through the Zambezi Joy Society, sharing his creations with you all, around the world!

Tolombita & Christine

Tolombita & Christine, the inspiring brother-sister team creating leather items such as sandals and belts, based in the Zambezi region, Zambia. Contact us if you’d like sandals, belts or other leather ideas custom-made for you or as a gift -