Travel Trade

The Zambezi Joy Society greatest supporters are in the travel trade industry. From travel agents to tour operators to hotels and lodges, we are happy to work with you to enhance a traveler's experience with unique gifts from Zambia.

Opportunities to work together:

Gifts of Gratitude - Confirmation fulfillment, welcome home gifts, birthdays, or holiday gifts, we offer many bespoke options from aprons to table settings. How do you show appreciation to your clients?

Events - Whether a small dinner or a major conference, we're able to provide table settings and ambiance that are sincere and directly support the people of Zambia. What sets your event apart that also impacts those that need help?

Custom Items - Collaborate with us on custom chitenge fabric items for your travelers from cushions to robes. A unique trip deserves a unique memento, how do you help your guests experience this?

Online classes - Families of a half dozen about to travel to Zambia to corporate groups of over 100 people have enjoyed our online classes since 2019. There are few better ways to build excitement to travel than to interact with someone on site at the destination. How do you keep a traveler's excitement high during that time between booking a trip and the travel date?

Contact us at for these or any other ways we can work together!